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Law Addicts is now launching its 2nd Edition of Virtual National Level Moot Court Competition, 2022 on Intellectual Property Rights with an aim to promote student involvement in social issues by providing a fair and competitive environment for the exchange of thought.

  • Timeline of Events
  • Registration Deadline- 20.02.2022
  • Request for Clarifications Deadline- 21.02.2022
  • Memorial Submission Deadline (Without penalty)- 27.02.2022
  • Researcher’s Test- 04.03.2022
  • The draw of Lots, Memorial Exchange and Allocation of Sides for Preliminary Rounds- 04.03.2022
  • OraI Rounds- 05.03.2022 & 06.03.2022
  • Eligibility
  • All students pursuing graduate course from any recognized college, University or Institution in India shall be eligible to participate.
  • Team Members should comprise at least one Law Student from any recognized law school, University or Institution in India.
  • Each participating team shall have a minimum of two members and maximum of three (3) members, comprising of 2 speakers and 1 researcher. In case of a 2-member team, one speaker may take up the researcher’s test.
  • No team shall contradict the composition mentioned above. No faculty member, coach, or a designated observer will be allowed to join the video-conferencing or meet during the session.
  • A team will be considered eligible to participate only if the registration is completed on or before 23:59 hours, 1st February 2022.
  • Registration & Payment
  • Teams are required to complete the registration on or before 20th February, 2022, (23:59 IST).
  • The Registration Fee is Rs. 300/- per team. The registration fee payable for the competition must be paid latest by 1st February, 2022 to:
  • Account Name- J.S Shreedhar
  • Account Number: 36746793528
  • IFSC Number: SBINOOI5264
  • Or Google Pay Number: 9790696219
  • The payment reference number and date of payment have to be inserted in the registration form and only then will the registration be deemed to be complete.
  • The Registration shall be done by filling up the form, accessible via the following link in the below
  • Scanned copies of Identity cards must be attached in the registration form. In case, there is an issue with production of scanned copies of the identity card, bona fide certificate may be attached. In case of absence of both, kindly contact the QC.
  • Once the form is submitted, an acknowledgement mail will be sent within 24-48 hours to the teams which shall also notify the team of its Team Code. The teams shall quote this Team Code in all further communications with the QC.
  •  Registration fees once paid is neither refundable nor non-transferable.
  • Any change in team composition will not be entertained after submission of the registration form unless the Organizing Committee notices an exceptional circumstance.
  • Memorial Submission
  • Each participating team in the Competition is required to prepare memorials on behalf of both Petitioner and Respondent based on the problem released by the Organizing Committee.
  • Memorials are to be submitted in .pdf format before 23:59 IST, 27th February, 2022. Filename should only mention Team Code. For instance: TCLAIO.pdf.
  • Memorials are required to be submitted through the submission form given. No submissions will be accepted via emails.
  • Any memorial submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Specifications for the memorial, evaluation criteria and other details may be found Section 3 (page 4) of the competition’s brochure, attached at the end of this post.
  • Structure of the Competition

The draw of Lots, allotment of sides, and researcher’s test is scheduled to take place on 04.03.2022. The competition will have the preliminary rounds where all teams are given a chance to argue twice, i.e., once representing each side to the case. The top 8 teams calculated on the basis of the scores of the oral rounds along with their memorial scores in the ratio of 70:30 will advance to the Quarter-finals. The emerging 4 winners from the quarter-final rounds will advance to the final, following which the resulting two winners will compete in the final rounds of the competition.

Additional details are available in the brochure, attached at the end of this post.

  • Awards and Incentives

Winners Rs. 2,500 along with a certificate of merit Runners up Rs. 1,200 along with a certificate of merit Best Speaker Rs. 500 along with a certificate of merit Best Researcher Rs. 500 along with a certificate of merit best Memorial. Rs 500 along with a certificate of merit.

E-Certificate of participation will be provided to all participating teams and E-Certificates for advanced rounds will be provided to qualifying teams. The Winning team shall also be provided with an internship opportunity.

  • Contact Details

In case of any clarifications or queries, Kindly contact Ms. Sonu Mehtha (Vice President, Law Addicts) at 6369639060, e-mail at [email protected] or reach on Instagram.

  • Moot Proposition & Additional Details

The moot proposition as well any additional details regarding the competition can be found in the brochure.

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Subscribe to our email and newsletter, to get notified every time we upload something new for you

Your details with us are confidential, we promise!

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