The Supreme Court lifts the CoA’s administration of the AIFF mandate in the hopes that it may speed up the lifting of the FIFA suspension.

The FIFA’s decision to suspend AIFF, which viewed the CoA’s operation as “third party interference,” led the Court to issue this ruling. In order to have the All India Football Federation’s FIFA ban lifted, the Central Government asked the Supreme Court to revoke the Committee of Administrators’ supervision of the AIFF. Following the talks with the FIFA that ended last week, the Center submitted this motion to the Court.

The following instructions were given to modify the prior orders by a bench consisting of Justices DY Chandrachud and AS Bopanna.

The CoA’s authority to run the affairs of the AIFF shall be terminated, and day-to-day management of the AIFF shall be carried out by the AIFF administration under the direction of the AIFF Acting Secretary General. On August 15, the Committee of Administrators already provided the draught Constitution and a list of comments. SG also argued that the FIFA’s treatment of India was investigated. However, it was discovered that FIFA adheres to this unified policy prohibiting “third party interferences” globally.

FIFA has said consistently that they want the management to be overseen by an elected body or a person chosen by an elected body. FIFA believes that the electoral college should solely consist of delegates from the member nations. We insisted that players must participate in the management of AIFF. Currently, we’ve suggested that prominent players make about 25% of the executive committee.

The Committee of Administrators chooses the returning officers at their own discretion. The FIFA has a concern with the CoA’s choice of attendees. The SG proposed that Senior Advocate Gopal Sankaranarayanan, who was defending the CoA, might continue to support the Court as amicus curiae while the Secretary General, who has been chosen by the member organisations, manages AIFF matters until the elected body takes over.

Bhaichung Bhutia’s Stand

“I have led India for seven years and in more than 100 games. Despite the FIFA’s protests, he asked the Supreme Court to follow its rulings since the court interventions are in the overall best interests of sports reforms. Four years ago, India hosted the under-17 men’s World Cup. The country of India is 104th in the globe.

There is no likelihood of India making it to the FIFA world cup, even if you ask a little child. Bhutia stated, “I would rather see India qualify for the World Cup.” Justice Chandrachud then questioned, “Do we exercise our authority at the expense of the tournament coming to India?”

Stand of CoA

He objected to the FIFA letters’ tenor and tone because they implied that the Court’s orders were the result of outside meddling. The tone of every letter written by FIFA is to claim that this is a third party involvement. There was no agreement, several individuals informed FIFA when they went there. Then, according to a letter from FIFA, “we do not know who this third party is,” Sankaranarayanan said.

He said that it is inappropriate if FIFA wants to examine the Constitution even after the Supreme Court has given it its final approval. Additionally, he brought to the Court’s notice several forensic audit findings on AIFF that appear to point to money-siphoning.

Rahul Mehra’s position

Mehra argued that the former president Praful Patel and his supporters were responsible for the current state of affairs and requested the Court to “come down harshly on them.”

Praful Patel’s Protest

I introduced the U-17 World Cup, and I want it to be held, said Sibal. “I don’t want any position. In response to the Court’s inquiry on Patel’s resignation from FIFA, Sibal further argued that Patel is an elected FIFA member. Sankaranaraya responded by claiming that Patel’s election was a result of his membership in the AIFF and that if he no longer holds that post, he will be unable to serve on the FIFA Council. Sibal argued in opposition to this that he was elected to FIFA and was not a candidate.

The Centre was in active communication with the FIFA to fix the situation; the Solicitor General of India had informed the Court on the day of the previous hearing. The All India Football Federation was immediately suspended by FIFA on August 16 owing to “undue influence from other parties.” The FIFA said in a press release on August 16 that the suspension will be lifted as soon as the order appointing the Committee of Administrators to take over the duties of the AIFF Executive Committee was overturned.

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